Thoughts on Vaccinations..


One gets totally confused: the present Covid-19 virus is said to have originated in allowing wild animals to have been sold by private hunters in an open market. It was then diagnosed by a state-run laboratory.

One of the results  was that a new hospital was then seemingly built from scratch in one week. “State run efficiency”.

But then (particularly in the West) staggeringly fast new MRNA vaccines were developed by private enterprise. Then came the snag: to put these vaccines into use, particularly  since they used new technology,  required new “Good Manufacturing Practice” factories, new supplies of (for example) special non-reactive glass vials.. These require speed, very significant finance and lightning-fast work ranging from architects, planning-authorities, builders, machinery makers etc. Can this interaction be done really quickly using traditional capitalist approaches?

But so often the heavily bureaucratic problems caused  by the requirement of committee decision within a state sector can be even worse..

What is the solution?

The over-incentive of current patent regulations will need an ethical rethink, for sure. So: comment please? To Which will hopefully filter out junk!

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